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      1. Tools and Utilities


        Check out our suite of resources to help you in your designs.

        Compatibility Guides

        Find out what hardware, software and chipset platforms Micron's products are compatible with.

        DRAM Cross-Reference Tool

        Compare Micron’s DDR3 and DDR4 products with competing products.

        eMMC Cross-Reference Tool

        Compare Micron’s eMMC key specifications with competing products.

        FBGA and Part Marking Decoder

        Quickly find your part using a five-digit FBGA code or a full part number.

        LPDRAM Cross-Reference Tool

        Make the right decision by comparing Micron’s LPDDR4 and LPDDR4X products to others in the market.

        Micron Validated Memory

        Find Micron DDR3 and DDR4 SDRAM modules that have been validated by our key chipset partners.

        NOR Cross-Reference Tool

        See how Micron’s NOR products stack up to the competition.

        Obsolete Part Catalogs

        View obsolete Micron parts and find the right replacement parts for your design.

        Power Calculators

        Calculate an accurate power budget for the memory needed in your design.

        SLC NAND Cross-Reference Tool

        Compare Micron’s SLC NAND flash products with competing products.

        SPD Part Number Lookup

        Get the most current serial presence-detect (SPD) data for Micron DRAM modules.

        SSD Compatibility Tool

        Find solid state drives (SSDs) that have been tested and verified as compatible with our hardware and software partners.

        Storage Executive

        Take advantage of Micron’s Storage Executive software, which offers an easy interface to analyze and manage our NVMe and SATA drives and is compatible with both Linux and Windows systems for your desktop or laptop.


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